Jean Paul Gaultier teams with Swarovski to create a stunning new crystal called “Kaput”

Jean Paul Gaultier is now widening his horizons beyond fashion clothing and into costume jewelry. His new creation in collaboration with Swarovski is called “Kaput” which means broken stone. What is remarkable about this stone is that it is reversible with different colours on either side. There are fractures in the stone and it looks a bit like an Art Deco piece.

The fashion designer wants to look into the detailing of the cuts, create new designs, and come up with new ideas for his costume jewelry line. The “Charmed” star Rose McGowan sported a crystal peruke from Liberace’s hat maker and Fiona Swarovski was present along with her mother to see the innovation.

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Swarovski plans to open five new Cadenzza stores to present an edited selection of 30 designers, both established and up coming to create a concept store just for jewelry.

[Via – Fashion-Times]

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