Jennifer Lopez hired by a loving husband for his wife’s birthday for $3 million

My My…….where was I when Andrei Melnichenko fell in love with Aleksandra (his wife now for more than 2 years)! Wish he would have considered me instead then! This deep-in-love Russian billionaire decided to surprise his wife on her 30th birthday by asking J-LO to perform for the D-day. Can you believe it; he actually shelled out a whopping £1.5 million (about $3 million) for the singing services of Jennifer Lopez at the weekend. Jennifer Lopez is the ultimate choice because both Andrei and Aleksandra are her fans. The couple’s Berkshire home boasts of a helipad and so J-LO actually flew straight into their home for a bombshell performance.

The 60 guests, including Russian and Serbian tycoons, were entertained by cabaret acts and circus performers as they dined in a specially-constructed nightclub under a marquee before Miss Lopez performed a selection of her hits, including If You Had My Love and Jenny From The Block. And here we are still cribbing about overpriced concert tickets!

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