JetSurf board lets you ride high without waves

If you thought the WaveJet was Summer God’s waviest gift to mankind, you’d wish the summer never passed when you see this. JetSurf has jetted out a gas-powered mini-surfboard with a built-in 100cc engine for a propeller. With its 35 mph capacity, you no longer need a giant wave (or any other board, for that matter). All you need is to thrust on that hand-operated control unit, and voila! Surf’s up!

The surfboard is super light, with a design second to none. And do not be deceived by its slight fits-in-your-luggage looks. It possesses a powerful one-of-a-kind engine technology and handcrafted carbon-kevlar make. The board comes in three variants, the ‘Ultra Sport’ basic board-for-all with an 86 cc displacement and 30mph, the fully equipped 100cc ‘Factory’ model that tops out at 34mph, and the 100cc ‘Pro Race’ 35 mph advanced model for expert riders. Each comes equipped with a 2.5L fuel tank fit for over an hour of runtime.

With such sassy boards, you can surf on a surface still as a lake. That includes your local swimming pool, yes. Just as long as you don’t wade upon a bunch of lazy floaters or volleyball players or anyone cherishing some water time, basically, you can, however, gloat in all your new surfing glory if you bag this beauty that comes for about $16,000. And for those who wish to have more fun with the water, Superyacht Tenders and Toys have many more exhilarating joys on offer.

[Via – Jet-Surf and Gizmodo and Wired]

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