Jewelry My Pucci chopsticks for fine tasting

People with a taste for only the finest things are now pampered with exquisite creations like luxurious cutlery and chopsticks. Joining the likes of the LV chopsticks are the Jewelry My Pucci chopsticks. The perfect gift for the Asian food lover with a taste for fine things, this pair of chopsticks feature a gem embedded at one end. What is more, these chopsticks are compact in nature and extend when one presses the embedded gem. After use, retract and are ready to be stored neatly in their stylish lipstick-style case. Simply exquisite, these chopsticks will surely add a rich taste to your meals. The gems are either crystal or rose pink in color, while the chopsticks are made from stainless steel.

An affordable offering, these gem studded retractable chopsticks are priced at $52 and available here.

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