Jewels, gold and custom designs are all part of Montblanc’s dedication to fine nib-making

Homo Faber is an exhibition dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the artisanal talents of European craftsmen. Montblanc will bring their own craftsmen and their dedication to creating unique nibs to this Ventian exhibition. The company is well known for their dedication to creating writing instruments that are not only a pleasure to use, but also works of art in their own right.

At Homo Faber, Montblanc will spotlight the particularities of nib craftsmanship. The nib is of course, the most important element of a pen and Montblanc has dedicated 110 years to perfecting it. The company’s craftsmen require not only high precision tools and years of experience to create the nibs, but also patience and care. The exhibition will explore the artistry and innovation of the nibs that the company has been creating since 1906.

Montblanc’s nibs are sculpted by hand from solid gold so there is no room for error. The master artisans must ensure that the ink feeder case, the ink feeder, and the gold nib are perfectly assembled. The nip tip must offer proper ink flow, it must never scratch the paper! Not only does the company stringently test each of their pens before dispatching them from the factory, they also offer a custom experience to anyone looking for it.

The company uses a special software to capture the specific elements of a person’s writing style including the angle, the pressure etc. and uses them to either recommend a nib or offer a bespoke option. The company will also offer jeweled nibs that are adorned with precious gems like rubies and emeralds or create flexible gold nibs that are suited for calligraphy.

Montblanc’s adventures and innovations in nib crafting can be explored from September 14 at the Homo Faber exhibition at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini on San Giorgio Maggiore Island in Venice, Italy.


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