Jobless Porsche owner uses his vehicle as advertisement

Andrew Blair, 28, who lost his plum £75,000 tax-free job, wrote his permanent mobile phone number in permanent black marker pen on his White Porsche Boxter X. His Porsche read “made redundant today” and “project construction manager,” and MR Blair prompted more than a dozen potential employers. Mr. Blair, who originally belongs to Gleneagles, the UK, has seen 13 of his friends lose their jobs in Marketing, PR, fashion and media sector during the last fortnight, which is why he took to Porsche advertising in “The moment of advertising” This is worse than the Great Depression of the 1920s where jobless traders would walk the streets wearing billboards and hurting for jobs through their cars. (Because the guy earned 75,000 freaking pounds a month!)

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When Blair transferred to the Middle East in June 2007from Bristol, the UK, the job fetched him three times his UK salary, that too tax-free. Although the prospects are gloomy in Dubai, he believes they are far better than the UK’s present condition. The man also intends to re-spray his paintwork for better advertising, which will cost him £1,000. Whether his plea for a job is heard through his advertising or not, this blog will certainly brighten his prospects!

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