John Walker & Sons Signature Blend, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Edition is created for Jensen Button

Diageo-owned Johnnie Walker is perhaps one of the greatest blended whisky makers in the world, with their Blue Label being one of the most expensive blended scotches on the market today. Yet, rather than resting on their laurels, they constantly innovate to provide a better product for clients. Their latest endeavor is the John Walker & Sons Signature Blend, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Edition. The blend has been created using Johnnie Walker’s finest whiskies to suit Formula 1 champion Jensen Button’s palate. Button created a profile of his whisky palate at the John Walker & Sons Signature Blend in Shanghai, which was then transported to Scotland where master blender Jim Beveridge created a custom blend cask of Johnnie Walker whiskies. The whiskies involved in the creation of this blend were of the highest quality and hand-selected by Beveridge. The creation of this incredible blend was not a publicity stunt to hype up the Formula 1 partnership between Vodafone and McLaren Mercedes but is instead a service provided to all whisky enthusiasts that visit the Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai.

This particular edition, created to suit Jensen Button’s palette, has been limited to 25 bottles that will be sold exclusively at the Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai and can only be purchased onam an invitation basis. This exclusive blend retails for $48,500 and includes access to exclusive Formula 1 events such as the Johnnie Walker Step Inside the Circuit campaign.

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