Just for kids – The best of Babylaunches

As the chilliness has set in, its time your bundle up your kiddo in the Kiddopotamus Posh Pouch or the stripy giggles trio set when you venture outdoors. While indoors, with the temperature set right, you can let the toddlers indulge in some bathtime tricks with the Frog Pod or the Pocoyo 3 in 1 bath sets. And here’s some stuff to add a techi twist in your kiddie’s world! We have a MP3 player with Mickey’s face having the controls and a vibrantly Colored Keyboard to introduce your child to this world of computers! This Christmas gift your brat a pet…..a Robotic Puppy that is as faithful as the real one! Before we finish, you need to look at this Thermometer that records the temperature in just 10 seconds….a boon for mothers with cranky sick kids.

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