Keep your poker face straight with this $150,000 multi-gem chipset

Poker in recent years has gained quite a reputation and has an almost cult-like following. Regular people and celebrities alike have staked their claim into this game. This has not gone unnoticed by jewelry company STAHL. In their effort to bank on this popularity, they have presented their multi-gem chipset. What makes this chipset unique is it comprises a slice of Muonionalusta meteorite in the Winmanstatten pattern. These chips are also brilliantly decked with diamonds, Burmese rubies, and Sri Lankan sapphires. The set is present in a leather briefcase with a calfskin exterior and reindeer calf suede interior. Along with 18K metal details, the lid’s interior is set with another slice of Muonionalusta meteorite. Though Mr. Stahl of STAHL is mum about the price of this unique chipset, Christie’s has estimated it to be anywhere between $100,000 to $150,000.

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