Key of Life to provide for a life in Africa

When the rich have a thought for the poor and needy, it’s a thought for heaven. For these valentines, you can do your girlfriend, and you’re conscious some good by buying the Key of Life. It is an 18-carat white gold charm of 18 grams and 2 carats of brilliant-cut VSG color diamonds. It is a pretty looking pendent and can also be work on a bracelet. The charity part comes on the fact that every Key of Life bought will provide 18 patients with HIV/AIDS at the Keep a Child Alive (KCA) center in Africa care for one year. The key has a KCA designed on its edge to keep memories.

The Key of Life costs $5,000 and is tax-deductible as all of it goes to charity. Only 100 of these were made, of which the first was ‘gifted’ to the co-founder of KCA and global ambassador Alicia Keys. Isn’t that funny? Keys get a free Key of Life. Yeah, free.

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