Kinetic hotel chandelier turns guests movements and their social media updates into a light show

This is the kind of stuff that Harry Potter movies are made of. Imagine in the real world a chandelier pulses hypnotically with light, flicker and undulate every time someone moves up or down the spiral staircase, changes its movement to reflect the weather outside or lights up when someone mentions the hotel on Twitter or Facebook. Sounds like pure magic right? The high-tech chandelier designed by the engineers from the IDEO Digital has hundred bulbs that can each independently respond to the world around it.
The kinetic chandelier Edison was designed to be part of The Epiphany hotel’s lobby in Palo Alto in years to come. The open source lighting installation is made with custom circuits, lightbulbs, software, and an in-house Internet Of Things toolkit. The modular design would allow a 10 ft. by 10 ft. grid of LEDs to vary brightness and position independently, creating infinite possibilities of coordinated motion controlled programmatically and driven by open-source code.

IDEO Digital is currently documenting the code and the hardware. The end result will be a design for an installation that works like a communal physical platform in its first version. Eventually people from all over the world will be able to contribute visualization code and have their work be physically represented through light and motion in a shared space.


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