Kopi Luwak- the world’s most high-priced coffee!

Would you ever fritter $800 on the world’s most expensive coffee? And especially when the coffee is called Kopi Luwak? Of which only 300 kilograms of coffee beans are produced every year? I think if you are a sensible spender then trying your hand at this wouldn’t be a very raw deal. If you can fall for those looney art wrapper chocolates which don’t make any difference to the taste of the chocolate you might as well splurge on something more ‘tasteful’. This coffee is rightly described as “rich with jungle and chocolate undertones, mysterious and flavorsome”. Here is a little trivia on the name Kopi Luwak which is otherwise a very strange name for a coffee! The name is based on Indonesian words for coffee and civet.

A palm mammal, the civet digests the outer layer of coffee cherries and then excretes the coffee beans and this adds a unique flavor to the beans (unique flavor, err?). no wonder it is claimed to be really rare! Have a sip of the Kopi Luwak and feel like royalty (a single shot of this extraordinary drink will set you back $40 and only royalty can afford that!)

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