KU64, the most Modish Dental Clinic

Do you dread the very idea of visiting a dentist? Fear no more, this is the right place to put your fears to rest luxuriously! Here is the chance to combine dental treatment with a luxurious relaxing retreat. Welcome to KU64 dental clinic where a lifetime of healthy gums and sparkling teeth await you. The 10,180-square-foot clinic KU64 (named after its Kurfursendam address) is located in Berlin and was designed by the hot firm, GRAFT. The cocoon-like spaces are filled with light, creating an elegant sense of flow and space. The astounding color concepts and the contours add an opulence touch to the remedial process.

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Accommodating eight dentists at one time, the ambiance is not at all what one would expect of a functional space like this. Following China (Kids Republic book shop) and Hongkong (Busy Work Shop), it’s now the Berlin’s chance to put on view its extravagance décor for basic cause.