La Victoire de Samothrace glass sculpture inspired by Yves Klein is on sale at Harrods

What is the difference between an inspired work of art and a rip-off? Well, inspiration is always a basis, not a mediocre copy, and has a dash of the creator’s personality. Years after French artist Yves Klein picked up an artifact from the Louvre museum’s shop in 1960 to mold his sculptures spotting marked “IKB” (International Klein Blue) pigment, an homage in the crystal has now surfaced at Harrods. Crafted into a 19½in blue crystal variant, the La Victoire de Samothrace is a limited edition piece of work now available at Lalique store Harrods. Limited to 83 pieces, each of the pieces is priced at £75,000($121,125).

And rest assured, Daniel Moquay, the president of the Yves Klein Foundation, who is Klein’s widow’s husband too, has given his nod of approval.

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