LaFerrari Sculpture scale 1:18 is up for grabs

Having debuted at the 83rd Geneva Motor Show, supercar LaFerrari stunned us all with its unparalleled engineering and use of hybrid technology. Ever since then, we’ve seen brands paying tribute to this excellence. And as is true with every masterpiece, the LaFerrari too, can now boasts of a replica to its credit – a sculpture in the scale of 1:18, made with lost wax microcasting and bronze laminated in palladium. The sculpture is the handiwork of Editalia for Ferrari.

The LaFerrari sculpture has been designed with utmost care and artisan expertise. From the plaster mold to the metal melting process, from the polishing of the bodywork to the assembly and the precise retouching of the details, every aspect of this work has been realized in precision Even the top and the glasses have been treated with a double passage of rose gold and black rhodium to obtain a different color effect, distinguishing the parts from the others.

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The Ferrari logo is the same applied to cars, so is the case with the red color used on the metal stand, which has been produced using original Ferrari paints. Like the original car, the sculpture too will be a limited edition. Only 499 pieces available for sale.

Adding to its uniqueness, each model has been numbered with a hand-made incision on the door that attests to the limited edition run of the product. You can purchase this beauty for $6,639.

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Earlier we’ve seen scales models of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Ferrari F60 and 1953 Timossi-Ferrari Anro XI boat up for sale.

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