/lambda/- the king of olive oils!

Do you know which is one of the world’s best olive oils? You would know if you were a health conscious, fitness freak kinda person. But for the ones who dont know, its called /lambda/ and is undoubtedly one of the best we have around us. Produced with the finest Koroneiki olives from the award-winning Kritsa region of Greece, /lambda/ impresses with its superior taste. /lambda/ is created through the unique process of common pressing, where carefully selected olives are hand-picked from the tree and pressed the very same day. This method of pressing ensures that the olives are turned to oil within a maximum of 8-10 hours after picking, giving the oil an unrivalled fresh and intensely fruity taste.

So whether you are cooking Olivada, Caponatina or Keke, you know what oil you have to use. /lambda/ has one of the lowest levels of acidity with a maximum of 0.3° (this year’s production is as low as 0.19°), giving it a tender flavour restricted only to the highest quality extra virgin olive oils. Have fun eating, the healthy way…the /lambda/ way!