Large Hadron Collider, aka The God Machine costs $8.9 billion

How, exactly, did the universe begin? What is the cosmos made of and why does it look the way it does? If these are questions that keep coming to your mind with obviously no answers, then the time for all these questions to be answered is here. Welcome the $8.9billion Large Hadron Collider, aka The God Machine, which is very much the answer to all your questions. The biggest and most expensive scientific instrument ever built, was turned on in Switzerland. The machine has been built by CERN, the European nuclear physics organisation, and will be operated by hundreds of scientists from 85 countries, including a strong British contingent.

The LHC is a giant particle accelerator, a machine which accelerates packets of protons to within a hair’s breadth of the speed of light and smashes them together in mini explosions that replicate – for a fleeting instant – the colossal energies seen in the Big Bang. What the LCH scientists hope is that now some of the greatest mysteries of all can be solved. We are waiting for the answers that will change the facts forever!


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