Seoul Memorial Park lets your loved ones rest in absolute serenity

Those who’ve sworn their lives to luxury, opulence, and comfort would like it no other way when they’re leaving the world too. After the air-conditioned columbarium in Malaysia, the luxurious columbarium in Singapore and luxurious San Diego Hills Memorial Park, the crematorium luxury has taken root in South Korea as the Seoul Memorial Park. The Korean firm Heaeahn Architecture project that has been ongoing for 14 years is finally going to unveil a large architectural delight showcasing gardens, ponds, plants, and various interesting patterns. It is a sheltered canopy that reveals itself only when the visitor enters the space. Located in the serene valley area of Woo-Myun Mountain on the outskirts of the city, the crematorium is constructed in harmony with the site’s natural terrain.

The Seoul Memorial Park is incorporated with eco-friendly elements and also the latest software that encompasses an automated system, making it convenient for customers to complete the registration process. The opening ceremony for the Seoul Memorial Park will be held on December 14 at 11 am and the first guest will be welcomed on January 16th 2012.
[Haeahn and Dezeen and Seoul]

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