LED tiles on ceiling brings the sky inside your workplace

Researchers in Germany have created what they call a virtual sky. The virtual sky is not some far off Sci-fi fantasy. Actually it is a luminous ceiling made with 20″ x 20″ tiles each fitted with a board containing 288 light emitting diodes (LED). These lights are covered with a matt white diffuser film that helps all the light to mesh. The lights used are a combination of red, blue, green and white resulting in a spectacular full light spectrum. This luminous ceiling was developed by researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Engineering. The ceiling is designed to create natural lighting conditions of the outdoors indoors on a cloudy day. Researchers at the institute confirmed a study that found 80% of the workers preferred to work under the virtual sky. This virtual sky is not cheap. Installation cost per square yard is about $1,300.

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