Led Zeppelin’s-Jimmy Page lost guitar in made in limited edition

Gibson customizes the lost guitar of Led Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page’s in a limited edition. It was stolen in back 1970s and as an honor to Jimmy Page Gibson re-constructed Les Paul Custom black beauty guitar under a limited edition. The guitar officially titled the “Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom,” joins the company’s highly regarded Vintage Original Spec Series. Made to vintage-original specifications of Jimmy’s original, it is available in two versions: the VOS with Bigsby and the VOS with Stoptail. A custom case and a certificate of authenticity are included with the purchase.

Just like Jimmy’s original Black Beauty, the guitar has an ebony finish with a carved mahogany top and solid lightweight mahogany back. It features gold hardware and a multi-ply white and black binding on the top and back of this beautifully crafted instrument. The tailpiece on the guitar is what differentiates the two models. The price of each model is around $6,000 and available at MusiciansFriend.com This string surely needs strumming by Zeppelin fans.