Leica MP camera unveiled to celebrate Taiwan’s centenary establishment

While I am no photography buff, I do know that Leica is a brand to reckon with when it comes to superior quality cameras. So if you are one of those photography nuts with a liking for Leica, here’s some interesting news for you. Leica has launched the limited edition Leica MP cameras to commemorate Taiwan’s centenary establishment (from 1912). A pricey offering, it will set you back by a cool NT$360,000 ($12,185). This limited edition is available only in Taiwan, restricted to 100 units only, each engraved with a serial number. A collector’s item, if you still value the film camera’s in this high-end, high-tech digital world, this Leica MP camera is truly worth a buy.

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Features include, a copper and zinc-alloy body, military grey colored upper and lower lids, and there is also “Vulcanite” leather. Finishing touches to this commemorative special edition include engravings of “MP100 – XXX” on the top camera shoe, the chinse words “Exciting Hundred 1912 – 2011”, and Taiwan’s national flower, the plum blossom.
A must-have for collectors, this camera is a class apart.
[Via VR-Zone]

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