Leon Verres’ Le Billionaire Champagne is the world’s most expensive Champagne for $2.75 million

Having millions to spare in your bank account entitles you to certain luxuries like tasting rare champagnes and other beverages that the common people can only dream of. Now tasting a luxurious bottle of Champagne has become even more exclusive thanks to Leon Verres who have launched the world’s most expensive Champagne- Le Billionaire Champagne, which is priced at a whopping $2.75 million per bottle! Aptly named, it is definitely not a bottle that the average recession hit commoner can afford. The precious bubbly resides in a bottle second to none. With its eccentric designer cover studded with several diamonds and a Russian fur cap called- Shapka, this exclusive bottle is targeted towards the young and affluent of today’s luxury craving generation.

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Whitethorn and vanilla are the essences of this flowery flavored champagne. The slow and smooth finish of this drink compliments the brand’s luxurious and high-end profile perfectly. Many billionaires’ across the globe have been given exemplars of this exquisite brew. And the final exemplar will be presented to the world public via an auction as part of the champagnes world tour. The money from this auction will obviously be donated towards a charitable cause. Indeed an exclusive drink, this bottle is definitely a class apart.

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Limited to just five bottles, this bubbly will definitely go down in history for its extraordinary price and taste.

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