Lichido wine- not a whine at all

If you are planning to host an amazing laudable and rocking bash which has the right food and rivers of wine flowing just to make sure it’s the right one, and this dope is dedicated to wine-lovers. A product of France, Lichido is, “an exotic blend of premium vodka and carefully aged French cognac with the natural essences of lychees, tropical guavas and white peach juice.” They suggest taking it straight or on ice, as well as mixing it into a cocktail. We can assure you that the colorful design does not stop with the packaging. Sweeter than most wines, Lichido rivals any hard lemonade or cider in its taste as well as its versatility as a mixer.

Who knows? Now that Crystal is out Lichido might be popping up in rap videos and classy strip clubs all across the nation. Don’t nap on this one. Make sure that if you have to get zonked you get it in style!

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