Life-size Mario is up for $2900 on Amazon Japan

Remember those days when we sat glued to our Xboxes and PlayStations, playing our all-time favorite – Mario Bros? Well, if you happen to still be a die-hard fan of the little Italian plumber, and have ample space to spare in your play den, then you’re in for a surprise. Amazon Japan has on sale a five foot (185cms) model of the princess rescuer – Mario. You may purchase it for old time sake or perhaps as a huge play toy for your little one.

The five foot tall figure is a chubby ol’fella who is 30-inches wide and is 26 inches in depth, encased in Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) just like his gamer profile. On sale for $2900 I’m really unsure this would prove to be a sensible buy, however there’s no explanation needed if the buyer is deep-pocketed and a hardcore Nintendo game fan.

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[Available at Amazon-Japan ]