Life-size Camarasaurus Dinosaur Replica for $55,000

Let your neighbors believe that you are making the next sequel to Jurassic Park! After all when you place a life-size Camarasaurus Dinosaur Replica in your backyard (that is if you live in a mansion) you cannot blame people to think bizarre. Standing 18 feet tall and made out of fiberglass and resin, this monster is sure gonna scare the hell out of passer-byes and of course house-breakers. If you are enthused by this colossal creature then order one now as it takes about 3-4 months for the delivery. Naturally you’ve gotto have likewise colossal bank account to fund for this Dinosaur that retails for $55,000.

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H 6000mm
L 17000mm
W 3000mm
Mass 76000mm³
Weight 1700Kg