Life-size Tall Bi-Pedal Exo-Skeleton Kids Walker: What next?

There are toys for kids and there are toys for kids and then there is the 5 1/4 feet Tall Bi-Pedal Exo-Skeleton. The ultimate toy for kids, it is sure to be their best weapon against any bullies. Beyond the protection against bullies, I personally don’t see any use for this kid’s walker. In fact many parents will not find it safe allowing their kids to roam about in this gigantic walker. The Exo-Skeleton walker for kids weighs just below 400 pounds and features kid-friendly controls that limit the mech’s capabilities. The walker moves on a pair of wheel-equipped feet which have been designed keeping in mind the safety of the kids. The cost of the suit is estimated to be around $21,000, but the walker’s makers Sakakibara Kikai have no plans of putting it into production. That’s definitely good news for us.

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