Light an aromatic fire with Cire Trudon’s scented match sticks

Cire Trudon, the oldest wax producing factory world-wide and supplier to Louis XIV, has the ability to take a trifling object and turn it into a luxury, just like the scented candles, only this time it’s the matches. The matches are 22 centimeters long and are available in 5 different kinds with each having its own inspirational story to match its aroma. Ernesto is fragranced like a hotel in Havana with its heavy leather and tobacco base with hints of rum and cigar; Madeleine was created after the 17th Century nonconformist, horsewoman Madeleine de Maupin for her rose, iris and jasmine induced leather saddle aura; the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola’s strong cedar scented breeze produced Bartolomé; Odalisque is an impression of an orientalist painting through the orange blossom released from a hookah along with the vanilla base notes; and Abd El Kader is influenced by the Algerian Ouled Nail nomadic tribe for their sharp spice notes of ginger, mint and clove and the subtlety of jasmine.

The perfume notes are very traditional to the French wax house and similar to their scented candles. Though the match sticks burn out within seconds they leave behind a trailing aroma that cuts out the nasty burnt sulfur and carbon smell. The heavy scented matches can also be used as a subtle room freshener without having to light them – just leave the box slightly ajar and let the fragrance work its magic.

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Each matchbox retails for $ 15 and can be bought off the brand’s website or at stores all over the world.

[Available at Cire-Trudon]