Light up your Instagram with this exclusive see-through paddleboard that comes with LED lights to illuminate the waters below

If you’re a water sports enthusiast who loves waddling with the waves, this one’s for you! In surprising water lovers with the best, Loeva has unveiled a Transparent Stand Up Paddleboard that lets you glide in style while giving you a clear view of what’s underneath. Confused much? Well, let us explain.

The new water toy comes with a transparent surface and is made from a clear material that gives unprecedented views of the ocean/sea below. It features a lightweight carbon frame that’s fitted with patented acrylic glass and LED lights that light up the water to 15 meters.

Called ‘The Le Standup,’ the paddleboat measures 128 inches by 31 inches and is made using a special acrylic glass called Altuglas ShieldUp. In addition to being transparent, the material is shock and scratch-resistant and is held together by a white aerospace-grade carbon structure that keeps the paddleboard light and sturdy.

The board is powered by a LifePo4 battery and can provide three hours of illuminated paddling during nighttime. Commenting on it, Loeva, in a statement, said, “The ultra-transparency immerses you in the aquatic fauna and flora. The Loeva universe invites you into an exclusive and privileged dimension, in limited editions; each board is numbered.”

There is currently no word on the release date and pricing of these limited-edition beauties, although Loeva has partnered with Reefscapers to resettle a part of the ocean’s coral reef for each board sold. Will you fancy paddling it up?

[Via: Loeva]

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