Lighter than your laptop and made from graphene, this is the world’s lightest wheelchair

Graphene is something which is described by scientists as super-material for its incredible properties. Not only is it 200 times stronger than steel, but it is incredibly light weight along with being an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and has interesting light absorption abilities. Graphene quite literally has the potential to change the world. Last month, a company called Vollebak introduced the world’s first graphene jacket. Now, a Switzerland-based company called Küschall has designed and developed what is claimed to be the “world’s lightest wheelchair.” The graphene wheelchair named “Superstar” features a 1.5kg (about 3.3lb) frame, which is 30% lighter and 20% stronger compared to classic carbon models.

Graphene being the strongest material known to man, the semi-metal is 10 times stronger than diamond, yet it is incredibly flexible and ultra-lightweight. The Superstar wheelchair has been designed in partnership with formula 1 manufacturers. The wheels of Superstar have been positioned closer to the user to increase propelling efficiency. The design incorporates an X-shape geometry with road dampening properties to increase performance and agility. The seat’s design has also been optimized to provide optimum propelling performance. The graphene wheelchair is still under development, but Küschall plans to launch it soon.

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