Limited Edition Diego Rivera fountain pen from Montblanc costs $30,000

If you are a fountain pen collector, the limited edition Diego Rivera fountain pen from Montblanc is a must-have for you. The exquisite pen promises to become the crown jewel of your collection. The beautiful pen pays tribute to Mexican artist Diego Rivera and charms its buyer with its beautiful design and style. The pen oozes the Montblanc style and craftsmanship and is anything but tacky. The barrel made of solid gold embellished with a black lacquer pattern lends to this pen’s exquisite uniqueness. The complex cap design, obtained by a finely skeletonized huge 18kt gold construct, a clip with black sapphire trimming, make this pen simply irresistible to every collector.

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Finishing touches to this pen is provided by the beautifully shaped handmade joint with a rhodium-coated 18kt gold nib. A pen for every luxury lover and collector, it is definitely a class apart.
Priced at a whopping $30,000, this writing instrument from Montblanc is both exclusive and exquisite.

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