Limited edition HMR cigar box set for $15,000

For the avid cigar aficionado, the His Majesty Reserve cigar from Gurkha is definitely a must-have. Also known as HMR, this 7.5-inch cigar is called by many the greatest cigar ever. Boasting a retail price of $750 for one, this cigar is definitely the world’s most expensive. The affluent cigar enthusiast can afford such a royal smoke. The HMR box set containing 20 cigars and priced at $15,000 is definitely a must buy. What is more, this unique box set is a limited edition yearly specialty, with only 75 boxes or 1,500 cigars made for the market this year.

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The cigar boasts of a rare mix of the finest tobaccos and an entire bottle of Louis XIII de Remy Martin cognac. Apparently, the demand for this exquisite cigar is so high that Gurkha’s president is the ultimate decision-maker in spreading the cigars among the VIPs willing to pay the dollar.
P.S: We don’t promote/encourage smoking.

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