Limited edition Lacroix skiing kit…takes luxury outdoors!

To be in awe of the Limited edition Lacroix skiing kit is something that will come to you naturally despite you not being a hardcore skiing enthusiast or outdoor lover! This hot in winter property comes in an equally hot, if not more, designer trunk. Courchevel ski resort has teamed up with Lacroix to present a pitara full of skiing essentials. This elite set comprises a pair of Courchevel Ski Exclusive, a pair of Lx Smatrack, carbon sticks, leathered gloves, a ski mask, and two empty leather pockets not to forget the handsome leather trunk that is exclusively signed by Pinel and Pinel.

Guess what makes this trunk a favorite is the additional storage space at the bottom end and on being fitted with wheels, the case can be easily tagged along. If you are one of the lucky ten people on earth with $68,000 to blow on the gear of your favorite outdoor activity then I guess we just did u a favor.

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