Lincolnshire Museum buys the world’s most expensive tyres

The Staff at the Lincolnshire museum have splurged about £3,000(US$5000) on six tyres, for its 1929 Leyland Lion Bus, which happens to be the greatest amount spent on tyres. The tires shipped in from America happen to be the most expensive globally, costing about £500(US$820) each (normal tires cost $150 each) and were brought in to replace the bus’s original tires that were severely cracked by sheer age. The special replacement was arranged for the vehicle as it was the society’s first vehicle to be brought in and owing to specialist tires and parts’ obsolescence. Apparently, buying the tires have just been a fraction of the amount spent on the maintenance & restoration work carried on the vintage bus ever since it arrived in the museum in 1959, and it was also extremely urgent as the society had to get all the Lincoln buses running by November to mark the 50th anniversary.

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The vintage bus was the first of the four buses acquired by the museum and the only survivor in its batch, as the other three had to be discarded soon after. Founding member and car dealer Sid Twell restored the bus after it was sent to scrap in 1954 and donated it soon after.
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