Lladro collaborates with Friends With You over a series of Christmas ornaments

Decorating a tree was as much a cherished Christmas tradition in the 1800s as it is now. Spanish porcelain makers Lladro has teamed up with Friends With You to create a series of pretty, unusual Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree instead of the traditional tinsel and baubles. Crafted from porcelain, the festive accessories will add festive magic to your tree this season.

lladro-friends-x-mas-ornaments-1The collection looks like the gathering of a hodge podge of characters, pervaded by a certain air of happiness and optimism. Our pick is the adorable golden and white tree topper with a smiling face. Full of seasonal cheer, it offers a great reminder not to forget what Christmas is all about.

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[Via – The-Fox-Is-Black]

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