London Zoo to let you get up, close and personal with its endangered lions

If you wanted to live with the lions, you might go on a safari. But, if you are sitting in a cosy window seat on a rainy, dull day in London and hoping to get into the wilderness but have an Editor sitting on your head to file copies before they sue you for lethargy, then there is still a way to go on a safari and keep your job and honour. Checking in at Gir Lion Lodge. At the heart of London. No I haven’t smoked up, this is true. You get to check-in at this awesome lodge which will be located at the Land of the Lions exhibit when it opens at the London Zoo next year. The lodge will have nine wooden cabins within an enclosed and secured area from where you can see the endangered family of Asiatic lions roam and laze. The package includes a one night stay for one or two, dinner and breakfast and a tour of the zoo before it opens for the public.

That is if, due to some harsh hand of fate you don’t end up as the lions’ dinner, or breakfast. Just saying. But. If you are made of steel and have the courage of a church mouse tickling an angered elephant, then – booking are open, my friend! You will have to shelve out between $567 and $837 for a night of adventure while not going too far away from London. This initiative is expected to help gain awareness of the endangered species whose natural habitat is in India’s Gir Forest. Through this promotional campaign the zoo hopes to educate staff and local communities there on the importance of conservation of this species. Intense, no?

[ Via : Luxuo ]

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