Looking For A Hobby? 3 Fascinating Hobbies To Try

People who don’t have a hobby are missing a quiet source of joy in their lives. They simply don’t understand why some people might choose to collect items like Paul Bunyan items, while others might choose collectibles like historical autographs stamps, coins, train sets, Mark Twain memorabilia, or original art.

Pursuing hobbies provides a world of benefits that only fellow hobbyists truly understand. When you pursue a hobby, you get into a flow state, structure your time in a meaningful way, and become a far more interesting person. It’s also hard to be stressed out all the time when you’re doing something that is completely unconnected to the demands of your daily life.

If you’re curious about starting a new hobby, here are three suggestions on some hobbies you might find fascinating:

1. Mementos of Great Men and Women
Collecting autographs of famous people is a hobby that people have pursued for centuries. It’s fascinating to own a piece of history created by someone who has transformed a nation or made a huge contribution to the world.

Since historical autographs are hard to find, you must go to a few, select places where you can buy time-honored autographed items for sale. Raab Collection, started by Steven Raab, offers coveted signatures of iconic historical figures, including the United States presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, scientists like Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, and Charles Darwin, and artists like Henri Matisse, Mark Twain, and Ernest Hemingway.

2. Every Stamp Tells a Story.
In an age of electronic communication where letters are now a rare form of correspondence, stamp collecting has acquired a nostalgic charm.

Stamp collectors learn much about history, geography, art, and culture through their avocation. Over time, collectors acquire organized, expert knowledge about many interesting facts. Stamps, for example, may celebrate a historical or cultural figure, and figuring out what country issued a stamp teaches lessons about geography.

This retro hobby teaches patience and perseverance and focus. It takes time to build a collection and requires sustained focus to understand the story behind why a particular image was chosen to print on a stamp. It’s impossible to have a racing, distracted mind because stamp collecting is not an instant-gratification activity.

3. Celebrating Beauty & Creativity.
Collecting original works of art can quickly instill in a collector a refined appreciation for stunning works of art because all works of original art are a reminder of a culture’s celebration of aesthetic beauty.

Although gathering original works of art over time may lead to a private collection of high monetary value should the artist be famous or become famous, this is rarely the motivation for collectors. Instead, the art itself is its own reward. It imbues the viewer with a feeling of happiness. Initially, there is the thrill of searching for a work of original art and then there is the delight of ownership. In fact, these feelings never fade, but rather become more acute, no matter how much art someone buys.

Over time, a buyer becomes increasingly appreciative of the genius of technique it takes to create something of great graphic beauty. J. Paul Getty, one of the richest men in the world during his time, is a perfect example of an avid art collector. He saw art as a civilizing influence on human society and once said, “In my opinion, an individual without any love of the arts cannot be considered completely civilized.” Getty spent most of his adult life collecting art and making it available to the public for their education and pleasure.

Unexpected Benefits of Hobbies
Interestingly enough, there are many unexpected side benefits to pursuing a hobby. While hobbyists pursue a hobby for the sheer joy of it, they occasionally stumble upon a rare stamp, coin, or original work of art that might create a financial windfall. While this, of course, is an extremely lucky event, akin to winning the lottery, one common pleasure that hobbyists enjoy is developing a close circle of wonderful like-minded and like-hearted friends.