Louis Vuitton and Damien Hirst create exquisite twin trunks for surgical instruments

Louis Vuitton and Damien Hirst have teamed up to create two twin trunks for surgical instruments. Damien Hirst was inspired by the movie Dead Ringers by David Cronenburg in which a display of beautiful stainless steel surgical instruments caught his eye. He wanted to create a piece in leather with his signature butterflies outside to house these instruments. On the other hand, Louis Vuitton was inspired by the iconic secretary trunk to create two twin trunks with opposite frontal openings and silver hardware finishings. The two thus collaborated to mold their imagination. The result is for all to see. The twin trunks have been made in black Nomade leather with a deep blue microfiber lining. Each trunk contains 10 different sized drawers with compartments made to accommodate each surgical instrument. The leather has been printed with a variety of butterflies placed by Damien Hirst himself. A creepy touch is added by the two silver skulls encrusted on each lid inside.

A unique creation, this twin trunk set from Louis Vuitton is sure to become a collector’s item.

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