Lucky day at the beach – Thai scavenger finds whale puke worth a staggering $665,000

Seems like 2019 has been a very lucky year for some people. More specifically fishermen living and thriving in the pristine beaches of Thailand. Earlier in October, we wrote about a Thai fisherman getting lucky with a catch of ambergris aka whale vomit. History is repeating itself only too soon, as another beach scavenger in Thailand has chanced upon another lump of whale vomit. Apparently the catch that weighs 37 lbs is worth more than half a million pounds. The man in question Surachet Chanchu was walking along the sand in Songkhla, southern Thailand, looking for recyclable waste when he noticed the lump. Did you know a 1 lb lump of whale vomit can sell for £14,500 ($19406)? Which means he just made £536,500 ($7,18,073) thanks to not-so-dumb luck.

They also say that these ambergris lumps can keep floating in deep waters for a 100 years which means this is an event where luck did play a huge role. Surachet Chanchu is now waiting for government officials to assess his find. We hope his find changes his days for the better.


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