Luxurious new Korean tents set to redefine the way you go glamping

If you’re a fan of glamping and looking for a new and glamorous holiday experience, read on!
South Korean company Archiworkshop has launched their latest luxury tent series, called “Glamping for Glampers” that offers glampers a stunning, sleek, eco-friendly tent design that is sure to redefine glamping. These luxurious tents, set up on a camp-site in remote Yang-Pyeong, Korea, are waterproof, fire-resistant, and UV-proof making it safe and ideal for the great outdoors.

The tents are available in two shapes — a long, curved tent more suitable for rough terrain and a circular-shaped tent that is cozy and comfortable, complete with a patio set-up. The tents feature a modern white interior, custom-made furniture and wall murals painted by local artists. Nothing like some art to make you feel right at home while enjoying the great outdoors.





[ Via : Mymodernmet ]

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