Luxe City Guides White Tiger Chest commemorates the Year of the Tiger

If you follow the Chinese calendar, you probably already know that 2010 is the Tiger Year. You also know that we aren’t here to impart knowledge about the significance of this year. In fact, we are here to tell you about a luxurious creation that has been made specially to mark this Chinese year. Famed Chinese brand Shanghai Tang has teamed up with LUXE City Guides to create the limited edition White Tiger Chest to commemorate the Tiger’s year. A unique creation, this White Tiger Chest is limited to just 70 pieces, each of which is individually numbered and handmade in maple and ebony veneer maquetry and lined in ultra-elegant kumquat silk. What is more, inside every chest, you will find 30 LUXE City Guides. An opulent offering for the luxury-loving globe trotters will surely be the ideal travel companion offering information about the various restaurants and hotels in places like Phuket, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Dubai, and Los Angeles.

With an asking price of £900 ($1,436), the exquisite White Tiger Chest is a creation for the select few only.

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