Luxe.TV and Shorex present The Most Extravagant Business Woman Award.

Being a business woman is a thing of great responsibility. Its time they got some credit for all the hard work and toiling. The most extravagant business woman award presented by Luxe.TV and Shorex is the first of its kind in Russia and is making waves all over. It celebrates business woman and their extravagance in Russia’s thriving economy. The event is scheduled to take place in Manège on 25th Oct alongside the awaited and leading luxury exhibition ‘Extravaganza’. As expected the award is creating a lot of buzz and excitement among the Russian women and has received applications of over 200 high profile business women from various sectors. Winning the first price will be quite a task with over 400 women competing with each other and so will judging them. To pull of the tougher task of choosing a winner, an esteemed panel of prominent business people, notable socialites, editors of leading magazines, fashion designers and stylists have come together.

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The winner will be one who exudes personal and professional style and one who obviously has exceptional achievements. The winner will not just be awarded a trophy and certificate but also luxurious lingerie, dinner at one of Moscow’s best restaurants and hold your breathe, exclusive piece of jewellery ( its an award for business women remember). The sponsors of the exhibition and La Prairie will present the gifts to the nominees.

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