Luxurious Limited Edition Gibson Angus Young SGs rock musicians world

Luxury and music go hand in hand, and we all know that. Perhaps that is exactly why musicians and amateur artists always buy blinged-out instruments or exclusive ones in the hope of standing apart from the rest of them and make a statement not only through music but also through luxury. Gibson is one of the world’s most well-known guitar makers, and Gibson SG has attracted the attention of many rockstars. One such rockstar is Angus Young. Rockstar Angus Young himself has requested certain personal and custom modifications, which are reflected in this special limited edition Angus Young SGs.

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The Custom Shop Angus Young SG comes with a certificate of authenticity and the electric guitar looks simple with its mahogany finish. However, they can be customised further to suit your cravings and apparently it also has the fastest neck in the world. It comes with owner’s manuals, instruction sheets and a custom hard-shell case. The prices range between $3,600 and $9,400. If you are lucky you could get one of the 50 Angus Young SG with his signature. You could also read about the golden guitar which an anonymous celebrity ordered.
Via: Roadrunner Records

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