Luxury goes green! New Drop Evian water makes recycling cool

When money is no object, there is no room for mediocrity, not even when it comes to water! But fret not, Evian new H2O upgrade is hardly for the masses. Drop Evian boasts as its birthplace, the peaks of the Swiss Alps and a purity unmatched and untouched for millennia. Now presented in an original drop shaped bottle, the brand claims that everything about Evian is new except the water it contains, which remains as pristine as ever.

Drop Evian will be available in 2014 exclusively at Paris, London and Geneva, and we have to say, the cosmopolitan and jet-set nature of these cities is certainly reflected in this anything-but-ordinary interpretation of something as simplistic as water. Fittingly, Drop Evian will be found at venues such as kiosks, shops, spas etc. at different locations in the cities. Additionally cars and scooters will serve as mobile stores where Drop Evian can be purchased. A smartphone application will help thirsty citizens find the nearest location where their favorite beverage is sold.

The 20 ounce bottle is without a traditional cap or label and is intended to be crushed after use to encourage recycling and the brand has partnered with Pilot to create recycling pens where the crushed bottles can be collected.

Drop Evian is priced at €1 for a 20 oz. bottle, that’s about $1.39. Not bad for a taste of the luxe life and the knowledge that you’re helping make the planet a little greener!

[Available at Colette]

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