Luxury doomsday safety bunker sales soar up by 1,000%

One look at the news and you will realize that all is not well. The war in Libya and the Gulf, along with the devastating earthquake-tsunami at Japan has the world seeing red. As people reel under panic and stress, it is natural that those who can afford it will spend every penny to safeguard themselves and their loved ones. This explains a 1,000% in bookings for the Vivos bunkers. The company takes a deposit of $5,000, and once it is booked for half the capacity of you can get a guided tour by paying up an additional $25,000 towards the reservation fee.

But Vivos is not alone. Northwest Shelter Systems has seen a 70% increase, and a bomb shelter costs between $200,000 and $20 million. UndergroundBombShelter, a company into retailing portable shelters, bomb shelters, and underground bunkers, has seen a 400% hike in inquiries with their cash registers up by $9,500 shelters already rented out. Talk about panic attacks!
[CNN] Via – [Curbed]

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