Luxury loving Brits spend $748 million on mini-bar items per year

The Brits are well known for their taste for luxury. But a recent study has proved just how much these folks spend on indulgence. And the stats will definitely leave you surprised, and they might also explain what happened to all the moolah! The research from found that, as a nation, Brits spend a whopping £526 million ($748 million) every year on mini-bar items alone. Unable to control their midnight cravings, the study reveals that 58 percent of hotel guests feel tempted to buy goods late at night. But with the ongoing recession, the survey states that 84 percent feel that mini-bar prices are too high, with 60 percent admitting to avoiding minibars altogether.

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The survey also brought forth some interesting confessions where cash strapped visitors admitted to ‘minibar meddling,’ i.e., cheating the system by replacing the used minibar items with cheaper alternatives bought from a local shop. However, on average, the ordinary Brit spends £15 ($21) on minibars each time he/she stays at a hotel.
This survey is definitely an eye-opener for the badly hit Brits who are battling the tough credit crunch. Maybe the next time they visit a hotel, they will think twice before indulging in their favorite minibars.

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