High-end Poker Case woos lady luck with 888 chips

The more elegant a poker set, the more aggressive is the game being played. And in a game of fortune, you need to hope that lady luck smiles on you throughout. A new concept poker set designed by Ivan Venkov keeps all of that in mind with his Luxury poker Case I. Featuring 888 chips (8 is considered the number of luck in China), the set has been created using a magnesium alloy, steel, chrome, chrome “noir,” bronze, copper, crystal glass, velvet. The sculpted structures set in geometric shapes can be further engraved or studded with precious stones.

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The set contains sculptural backside elements of sweeping shapes, geometric elements using crystal glass for backside elements and pucks, and rondocubic structural and constructional elements. Pricing will be available on request
Thanks Ivan Venkov

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