Machine Guns Vegas finally opens up in Las Vegas

We had mentioned to you about Machine Guns Vegas (MGV). Well, they finally opened up on Monday in Las Vegas. If you love guns and love Las Vegas, then you are at the right place. Check out this establishment, where patrons are given the opportunity to play with an automatic weapon of their choice. With the help of U.S. Air Force veteran Jeannie Duffy, you can select your Uzis and AK-47s. Of course, all this is for entertainment purposes only. Visitors are allowed to pick from various packages. The Elite package with a price tag of $499 per person includes an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), a lightweight machine gun. It is manufactured in the US and was introduced in 1984. It comes equipped with the ability to combine the firing power of a machine gun with a rifle’s portability.

People who want to take it to the next level can avail themselves of The Compound package. For $699 per person, you can fire the 1957 M60, which is a belt-fed machine gun. This kind of gun has made appearances in movies like Die Hard and Black Hawk Dawn. Each of these packages offers a complimentary Machine Guns Vegas T-Shirt.
In addition to these packages there are other packages offered specifically for women and kids too.
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