Made almost entirely from carbon fiber take a look at the Lamborghini of pencils

When it comes to writing instruments, it is the mighty pen that takes the limelight. However, shining bright on the center stage this time around is BoO Barcelona’s exclusive Carbonara Pencil. Made almost entirely from carbon fiber, the mechanical pencil boasts a classy design and is a product of some ingenious engineering.

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Crafted using a single piece of carbon fiber, the novel-writing instrument features two hollow slots running across the side, separated by a pillar in the middle. A simple press on the elongated hole lets the lead out, making it seamless and easy to handle. At the tip of the pencil, one can find a 5000-series aluminum that is coated in Cerakote.

The Carbonara weighs a meager 7.3 grams (0.26 oz) and comes in two finishes: Glossy Silver and Matte Black. It is light and sturdy on the hands and is the ideal choice for sketching and doodling. Remarkably, the premium pencil is the first of its kind where carbon fiber contributes beyond aesthetics to present an innovative mechanism of sorts.

The exclusive pencil is conceptualized by designers Designers Miquel Tejero, Gerard Arqué & Oriol Gener Miquel Tejero, Gerard Arqué & Oriol Gener of BoO Barcelona, and is currently part of a live Kickstarter campaign where it retails onward €65 or $76 per unit. Would you fancy buying the chic Carbonara Pencil yet?

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