Maestro – The easy-to-open champagne stopper with a gold lever

The fun of champagne lies in uncorking the bottle. But Duval-Leroy has decided to play spoilsport by actually offering an easy to open a bottle of champagne without a cork! The idea is definitely great and will help many people open the bottle quickly and easily. But I still believe that the cork adds a lot of fun, especially during celebrations. Gently pull on a discreet gold lever attached to the neck, and the bottle of Duval-Leroy Clos des Bouveries snaps open with exactly the right pop and fizz.

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Alcan Packaging has supplied this unique device to Duval-Leroy and claims that their basic idea was to find an alternative to the cork as it can spoil the wine. It took three years and €1 million ($1.3 million) in research to develop an aluminum device like that on beer bottles for Alcan. The new cap is called Maestro, but it does not resolve how to reseal opened champagne and keep the liquid fizzy. Some traditionalists are worried about disappearing bubbles and plastic in contact with their beloved nectar.
Seriously, a bubbly without the bubbles is just not right.

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