Magnifying glass by ERGO embedded with Swarovski crystals.

What’s so great about magnifying glasses by ERGO? I ask what isn’t. All your life you must have seen your grandfather petting the old, ugly, and haggard-looking magnifying glass, and ERGO doesn’t think it to be fair. Welcome the magnifying glass collection by ERGO…Adorned with Swarovski Crystals, even the black plastic used is high gloss material perfectly complementing the glitter of those embedded crystals. An exclusive ERGO-Line Limited Edition to 10,000 pieces, this series is only for one year produce worldwide. With a 4-fold magnification, the lens is a lightweight aspheric lens of diameter 70 mm, 12 D.

This thing is for keeps…it’s got a 4-fold magnification and a precious gift box with attached certificate of both the authenticity as well as the exclusivity of the ERGO-Line. Stop playing spy and guessing its price…it aint out yet but should be at your service soon.

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